Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate that special someone in your life. It’s the one day in the year in which the world declares its love for others in unison. And, whether you’re in a long-term relationship or you’re hoping to woo your latest crush over, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and want to go ‘all out’ on this universal day of romance.

Valentine’s certainly provides a great boost for the economy, especially after the lean and dry month of “Januworry”, with no sign of waning any time soon. Despite so many people starting the new year still in recovery mode from their December splurges, Valentines’ transactions have increased by 63%, and revenue from Valentine’s sales by 50%, over the last three years.

But all said and done, when the clock strikes 12 midnight on the 14th February this year, and reality sets in again, will all the roses, expensive dinners and fluffy gifts be worth the additional financial stress, so early on in the year?

That’s why we at InvestmentWise have done some research and come up with four creative ideas that will score high to impress – but won’t turn your bank balance ‘red’ this Valentine’s…

Follow the growing trend this Valentine’s Day – it’s all about the experience

While the value of transactions may have increased over Valentine’s in the past few years, less people are buying traditional gifts, like roses – with spend on flowers down 25% last year compared to the previous year – and jewellery down 15%.

What the data tells us is that there’s a rise in transactions involving romantic experiences.

So, swoon your special someone this Valentine’s with one of our experiential ideas below, or even mix-and-match them to make the day truly memorable…

  • A romantic sunset picnic: Beat those inflated restaurant prices by planning ahead for this one. Pick a romantic spot where you can watch the sun set while you enjoy a basket of delicacies, like prawn kebabs, chicken nuggets, chocolate dipped strawberries, delicious pastries and French champagne.

  • Dance the night away: After a candle-lit dinner, clear the dining area, stream your personally selected playlist of romantic songs and sway to the melodies in your evening wear.

  • Cuddle up for a romantic movie night: Download a couple of recent releases and cuddle up with some popcorn, your favourite chocolates and a bottle of bubbles. This experience is all about the details, so remember to add a freshly picked garden flower in a vase, dim the lights and spread tealight candles in a heart-shape around the room, for example.

  • Take the day off: Arrange ahead with your manager and your special someone’s manager to take a surprise day’s leave. Then spend the day together doing special things, like playing miniature golf, having a picnic on the beach or in the park, taking a long stroll in nature and visiting your favourite art gallery. Be a tourist in your own city and see all it has to offer with your most favourite person.

Make this Valentine’s extra special by getting creative and making it a unique experience you and your loved one will remember for years to come, without burning a hole in your budget. Your special someone will love you for it!