Take charge of your money with our interactive mobile learning app

Inadequate saving, excessive debt and unforeseen events such as divorce, illness or death can place tremendous strain on your health, relationships and quality of life. MoneyApt is designed to transform the way you view, relate to and manage your money.

Our app is highly beneficial to both employees and companies in terms of greater morale, reduced absenteeism and greater productivity.


Financial knowledge

Improve your overall financial knowledge and skill

Practical Tools

Provide you with practical money-management tools

Relationship with Money

Address your emotional relationship with money


Manage Your Money

Transform how you spend and manage your money

MoneyApt Content

This interactive Financial Wellness mobile app:

Provides tools and insights to start the journey towards financial freedom by doing a thorough assessment of your current financial state


Provides ways to reduce our spending by distinguishing between needs and wants, exploring what impacts our spending behaviour and following our 3-step budgeting process


Discusses the different types of debt, financial and emotional cost of debt, 5-step process to get out of debt and debt relief measures.


Explores our relationship with money and how our subconscious belief systems and associations with money influence our financial decisions and behaviour

About Us

MoneyApt is developed by InvestmentWise, an independent financial services training provider, established in 2002.

MoneyApt provides an additional means of accessing and re-enforcing the key learning’s of our existing courses. It also provides an option for smaller businesses that are unable to enrol all their employees in a single workshop or for large companies with employees located across a number of geographical regions.

Our Course Reviews

I have stopped borrowing money from other people, and yes now I can confidently say that my life (financial wise) has improved exponentially for the best.

The course was practical and interactive

A necessary course for many working class people

Good course. I learned a lot, especially on saving, budgeting and how to avoid bad debt.

Sharing this with my children – the sooner they start the better

Very interactive, engaging and knowledgeable