Retirement Planning Workshops

InvestmentWise delivers practical workshops to assist employees with making adequate provision for their retirement

Many people put off saving for retirement, believing they’re too young to worry about it, or take for granted that their group retirement fund will be adequate for them to retire comfortably.

Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that over half the people retiring receive a pension of less than 30% of their salary prior to retirement.

Living longer, cashing out retirement savings when changing jobs, and insufficient fund contributions, places most South Africans in a vulnerable position during their retirement years.



Out of every 100 people retiring in South Africa, it’s estimated that: 

  • 47 will be financially dependent on their families
  • 31 will be forced to continue working
  • 16 will be dependent on government pension
  • Only 6 will be financially independent

Our Retirement Planning workshops provide participants with a thorough grasp of:

  • The impact of the choices they make on their retirement,
  • Determining how much money they will need to retire comfortably,
  • The 6-step retirement planning process
  • Investment strategies before and during retirement,
  • The emotional aspects of retirement,
  • Setting an action plan for a successful retirement.

InvestmentWise is independent of any financial institution and does not provide financial advice.

Did you know?

  • 36% of fund members have no other personal savings beyond their retirement fund
  • Only 25% of retirees in South African are expected to be able to maintain their standard of living in retirement
  • 43% of pensioners are still paying off debt in retirement

Source: Sanlam Benchmark Survey 2015

What our Retirement Planning Workshop attendees are saying…

“Enlightening, wake up call. Very informative. Removes the fear element”

“Excellent course material! Very worthwhile. Wish I knew about it 20 years ago.”

“Must be done for all employees – young and old.”

“Good as a checklist and to get the retirement planning process going.”